Projects we have Worked on

Inviron Ltd

Projects Outline: To design, supply all components, build, test, commission and write application software for 2 off Interface panels based on Colter Products BIS100 controller.

Each panel is to access data from 2 off 4 Greenspan PS2100 sensors (sunk up to 60 metres underground in boreholes) via RS485 over a distance of up to 120 metres. The BIS100 application software via MODBUS RTU will in turn map the data over RS485 to the BMS system. Each panel will be fitted with a Colter Products FMT-DS data Splitter connected via current loop between panels allowing communication to both BIS100 for data collection. Panels have to be IP67 and operate from a single-phase 220-240Vac supply, Colter Products PS24/4.5.